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The Woodbridge Dermatology and Laser Centre offers cosmetic treatments and skin products to help you achieve healthier, more beautiful skin. We offer a variety of non-surgical procedures that can help you look and feel better — all with little or now downtime.


As we age, our faces start showing the effects of sun exposure, gravity, smiling, chewing, squinting and frowning. Tissues start to thin and break down, leaving noticeable laugh lines, crows’ feet and facial creases.

An injectable soft tissue filler can help fill in these lines and smooth your face to help you look your best. A simple 15-minute treatment offers instant skin correction. It will plump up wrinkles and folds on your face and neck, fill in “sunken cheeks,” enhance your lips and correct scarring caused by acne and chicken pox.

The benefits are significant: fillers are non-invasive, safe, and they provide dramatic, natural-looking results with minimal downtime…

Dr. Nield is very concerned about the growing trend seen here in Vaughan, of women with over-filled, bloated faces and lips, secondary to too much filler being injected into their faces. Certainly, this disturbing trend in not limited to Woodbridge and Toronto, but is being seen across North America, especially in Hollywood.

People seem to be of the mistaken belief that more filler is better. Dr. Nield explains that our face does change throughout the years. Our youthful rounded faces in our 20’s and 30’s, gives rise to higher cheek bones and less volume in later decades. This latter beauty should be celebrated and modified to keep us looking refreshed and less tired. We should not try to have our faces look so swollen, that we actually look worse, not better.

Not a week goes by that a patient comes to see Dr. Nield, asking to have the excess filler removed from her cheeks. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that can be used to dissolve excess hyaluronic acid, the key ingredient in many injectable fillers. Dr. Nield has now become very experienced in remodifying and remodeling such patients.

In order to be a successful cosmetic dermatologist, one must be able to analyze and create a natural looking visage. Dr. Nield’s father, Dr. Hugh Cunningham, was a highly accomplished artist and sculptor. Fortunately, Dr. Nield has inherited her father’s artistic talent, and is able to create wonderful, natural looking results in all of her patients.

Dr. Nield is the most experienced cosmetic dermatologist in Vaughan. Why would you trust anyone else to naturally rejuvenate your face?


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