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The Woodbridge Dermatology and Laser Centre offers cosmetic treatments and skin products to help you achieve healthier, more beautiful skin. We offer a variety of non-surgical procedures that can help you look and feel better — all with little or now downtime.


Do you wear long pants and skirts to hide your varicose veins? Are you concerned about unsightly veins in your face?

Good news – we offer vein removal treatments that will let you show your face and legs again. Sclerotherapy is a simple, effective cosmetic procedure that involves injecting a solution into your veins to make them shrink and disappear. The difference is remarkable; your legs will be smoother, feel healthier and look more attractive.

Most men cannot fathom the distress that women feel when they have leg veins.

Women will wear pants in the heat of summer if they have obvious networks of veins on their legs. Some will even try to tan their legs to try to cover up their veins. Overall, this is not a very effective solution.

Contrary to popular belief, spider leg veins do not usually respond very well to laser treatments. Sclerotherapy is a much better, effective option. Dr. Nield injects a sclerosant such as saline which dissolves the unsightly veins over time. Many clinics only offer laser leg vein treatments since technicians are unable to perform Sclerotherapy. Hence, many patients come to our clinic, having paid for ineffective laser treatments of their leg veins at spas that do not have qualified physicians who can offer more effective treatments.

Dr. Nield performs the treatments herself. A series of 4-6 sessions may be needed to dissolve the veins. Dr. Nield also recommends prescription support hose to further enhance the results. Maintenance treatments will be needed in the future. All patients are encourage to wear 20-30 mm Hg support hose to improve results.

Large varicose veins will need further ultrasound evaluation and referral to a vascular surgeon to discuss options such as EVLT or surgery.

Facial veins do respond to laser or Intense Pulsed light treatments that are available here in our clinic.

To find out if sclerotherapy is right for you, please contact us to book a consultation with Dr. Nield.

Leg & Facial Vein Treatment FAQ

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