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What is Facial and Neck rejuvenation?

Dr. Nield offers a variety of clinically proven, effective treatments to help you look your best. Dr Nield will meet with you during your first visit, to discuss your concerns, review your medical history and do a thorough skin exam.

Oftentimes, patients will say that they look tired, sad or unhappy, even when they are feeling fine. Dr. Nield has the exceptional ability to determine which treatments and procedures will help you look as good as you feel. Many times, by looking better, you will feel better. Facial and neck rejuvenation can have a very positive impact on one’s sense of self- esteem and overall health.

Dr. Nield will discuss all of your concerns and review her findings with you. Medical issues will always be discussed first. Being a qualified Board certified dermatologist, Dr. Nield is able to determine if an annoying mole is benign or if it requires a small biopsy. Most patients who see Dr. Nield for cosmetic treatments have a history of prior sun exposure. Dr. Nield is always on the lookout for atypical skin lesions.

Dr. Nield may evaluate your skin with a Wood’s lamp, to determine the extent of your photo- damaged skin. This can be very useful to help patients realize that the brown sunspots are just the tip of the iceburg! The Wood’s lamp often reveals many more pigmented spots than can be seen with natural light. Treatments with dermal infusions, microdermabrasion, Silkpeels or photofacials may be suggested to erase these telltale signs of photoaging. Sunscreens and clinically effective skin care products will be recommended.


Which treatments are available?

Dr. Nield will suggest a variety of treatments that can address your concerns. If your main concern is looking tired, Dr. Nield may realize that this is due to dark circles and hollows under your eyes. A combination of treatments would include: a topical eye cream such as Teamine eye cream, Juvederm injectable filler to lessen the hollows and Intense pulsed light treatments to diminish the darkness under the eyes secondary to small veins or pigmentation.Dr. Nield may even suggest Latisse, to enhance the appearance of you eyelashes, completing your overall look.

Dr. Nield is expertly able to combine an array of cosmetic procedures to maximize your results, helping you to look refreshed and natural.

All of the procedures offered in our clinic have very little downtime and are minimally invasive. Patients are often able to return to work immediately afterwards.



Dr. Nield offers only scientifically proven, effective rejuvenating skin care products. All of the products are safe, non- animal tested and easy to use. These products will enhance the results of any of the procedures offered in our clinic. Dr. Nield and her staff are more than happy to recommend the most appropriate skin care products for you.


Cosmetic Wrinkle Injections

This is a naturally occurring protein, used to diminish the appearance of facial and neck lines, caused by the overuse of select facial and neck muscles. Frown lines can be easily injected, leaving you with a softer, less angry look. Dr. Nield will ensure that you look rested and natural.

Cosmetic wrinkle injections can diminish the appearance of necklace lines and neckbands. Cosmetic wrinkle injections can reduce the décolletage wrinkling associated with chronic sun exposure.

Dr. Nield is considered to be one of Canada’s top cosmetic dermatologists, and she is extremely capable of improving your appearance in a very natural way. Dr. Nield performs all of the cosmetic wrinkle injections on her patients. She does not delegate this task to other office staff.


Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Other Fillers 

Juvederm is a naturally occurring sugar known as hyaluronic acid. Dr. Nield is able to inject Juvederm in such a skilled manner that she will restore your youthfulness, in a very natural fashion. You will look refreshed, less tired and happy. Dr. Nield usually asks her patients to bring in photos form your past, so that she will have an even better idea of how you have aged with time. She will then be able to inject just the right amount of filler, to lift your cheeks, restore your lips and lift your brows, if needed.

By combining cosmetic wrinkle injections and Juvederm, Dr. Nield is able to achieve a non surgical Softlift. Once again, Dr. Nield is one of the few high ranking cosmetic physicians in Canada who actually does all of the Juvederm and cosmetic wrinkle injections herself. She believes that each patient deserves her wealth of experience and technical prowness. Hence, each patient receives exceptional care at the Woodbridge Dermatology and laser Centre.


Non- Surgical Ultrasound Lift

Dr. Nield was the first dermatologist in the GTA to offer the exciting new non- surgical face and nck lift and face and neck tightening procedure. An Ulthera treatment takes approximately one hour to perform.Dr. Nield has found that by using local anaesthetic, the procedure is very tolerable. Studies have shown that Ultherapy is superior to Thermage. Ultherapy delivers ultrasound into the superficial layers of the skin, tightening and lifting the face and neck. New collagen is also stimulated. The initial results can be seen on the day of treatment, but 3 months are required to see the full benefits of this exciting new technology.There is very little downtime following this procedure. You can easily go to work the following day.

Dr. Nield is committed to ensuring you receive the maximum benefits of this treatment, therefore, she performs the Ultherapy herself.


Dermal Infusion Facial Treatments

Dermal Infusion Facial Treatments combine a microdermabrasion with a diamond sterile tip, along with an infusion process that can significantly hydrate and soften your skin, as well as removing unwanted brown spots. Anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C are one of many ingredients that can be infused into your skin, during a series of relaxing treatments. Many patients decide to treat their hands at the same time that they are rejuvenating their face and neck.


Chemical Peels

When applied to the skin, Glycolic Acid lightly exfoliates the damaged outer layers. This encourages newer, healthy skin to grow and it helps to tighten the skin, decrease pores and fade away age spots. A series of peels are necessary to maximize your results. There is very little downtime, and a treatment can be performed in 15 minutes.



This is a time tested, reliable treatment that has very little downtime. A layer of skin is massaged away with micro-crystals. A series of treatments will leave your face and neck feeling refreshed, softer, and more even in texture and tone. Your skin will feel firmer secondary to new collagen growth.



This is also known as Intense Pulsed Light or Photofacials. Through short bursts of intense pulsed light, sunspots or lentigines can be gently removed from the skin. Facial veins will also be targeted. Light treatments may also reduce the appearance of fine facial and neck wrinkles,overtime by stimulating the development of new collagen. A series of treatments are once again recommended by Dr. Nield. Maintenance treatments are also quite useful.


Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted facial hair can easily be removed following a series of treatments with our Laser Hair Removal System. Patients must be tan free and the hair must have some colour to it. Despite claims to the contrary, Laser hair removal should not be performed if you have a tan, and it is ineffective against blond, white or gray hair.

Although rare, some patients undergoing laser hair removal may notice a slight increase in growth of facial hair in an adjacent area.

Prescription Vaniqa may be suggested to further diminish facial hair growth in select individuals.


Moles, Skin tags and Other Growths

As we mature, skin growths and pigment spots become more common. Many are benign, harmless lesions such as skin tags but they are very annoying, especially tags that develop on our neck. These

tags can easily be removed using electrodessication by Dr. Nield. The results are far more effective than any over the counter remedies. New ones may form with time, but these can always be treated in the future.

Benign red spots also can develop, not just on your face, neck and scalp, but on the rest of your body. These are hereditary angiomas, consisting of small blood vessels. These can also be easily dessicated by Dr. Nield.

Warty, brown growths may form as well. These are called benign Seborrheic Keratoses.The best treatment is liquid nitrogen, a chemical also used to freeze warts. Dr. Nield is very familiar with these growths and is certainly able to remove a number in one session.

In Summary, Dr. Nield has an array of treatment options to help you look as young as you feel. Dr. Nield is very easy to talk to and will help you formulate a treatment plan that you are comfortable with and is within your budget.

Dr. Nield is aware that the number of options may seem daunting and will help you understand your choices. First and foremost, Dr. Nield will recommend wearing sunscreen daily, with an SPF of 30 or more. She will then discuss the addition of a few skin care products that would address your individual concerns.

If you have specific facial lines and folds that bother you, Dr. Nield may recommend cosmetic wrinkle injections and/or Juvederm. If you have complexion problems, such as rosacea, sunspots or acne, Dr. Nield may suggest treatments such as photofacials, Silkpeels or dermal infusions.

Whatever your dermatological concern, Dr. Nield will be more than happy to discuss it with you and help you find some useful treatment options.

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