Antioxidants in Skincare

Antioxidants protect the skin by limiting free radical production which can damage it. With daily application, antioxidants can reduce sunspots, fight the aging process and reduce skin inflammation.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that react with other molecules, triggering a chain reaction that damages healthy cells. Our bodies naturally produce free radicals but they also come from exposure to environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution, smoke and other chemicals.

An overload of free radicals causes oxidative stress as our body becomes unable to neutralize the free radical damage. Fortunately, topical antioxidants can help fight free radical damage and aid in the recovery from oxidative stress.

My favourite antioxidant is Skin better Science ALTO. ALTO has 19 antioxidants to combat all types of free radical damage.

Major benefits of antioxidants:

1: Correct signs of aging caused by oxidative stress, which breaks down collagen, resulting in fine lines, loose skin and a sallow skin tone. Antioxidants such as ALTO give a more youthful glow to the skin and helps prevent and correct the aging process.

2: Helps prevent sun damage. All antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties so they blunt your skin’s inflammatory response to the suns rays. ALTO can prevent sunburn and protect your skin from ongoing photodamage.

3: Helps skin repair. Since antioxidants are anti-inflammatory, they help the skin correct visible photodamage and ALTO can actually stimulate new collagen production.

4: Helps brighten skin tone. Free radicals and sun exposure trigger changes in our skin’s melanin production, causing sun spots to develop. By reducing photodamage, antioxidants reduce sun-related pigment formation.

So start applying topical antioxidants every morning, with sunscreen on top!