Providing On-Line Dermatology Lectures

For over a decade, I have been giving dermatology lectures remotely from my office in Woodbridge, Ontario to medical students and staff in Haiti. I truly enjoy being a guest lecturer for the Haitian Medical Education Project. I always enjoy sharing information with my Haitian colleagues.

My most recent lecture was this month. In attendance were health care workers from St. Justinien in Cap Haitien and the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince. My lecture focused on Skin Lightening, a practice that is worldwide and yet very harmful. i reviewed the most common harmful ingredients that can be found in skin bleaching creams which include mercury and high doses of hydroquinone and potent topicals steroids.

I also presented cases that I have seen in Haiti, while volunteering at the Hôpital Bon Samaritain in Limbé, Haiti. Many of these cases had serious side effects from the bleaching creams.

I am hoping for a future when we all are able to love the skin we are in.