Chemical peels rejuvenate your face and neck by removing old layers of skin, and leaving behind newer, healthier skin. It’s a great way to get rid of fine wrinkles and improve superficial acne and reduce the appearance of pores and pigmentation. Peels help rejuvenate environmentally damaged skin by gently lightening or removing brown marks and fine lines and by giving the skin a smoother, more radiant appearance.

Our clinic specializes in chemical peels that are individualized for each patient by Dr. Nield and performed by her aesthetician. Peels can be combined with other anti-aging treatments such as Botox/Xeomin, dermal fillers, photofacials, microdermabrasions, ansmedical grade skin care products

You can always count on significant experience and expertise; Dr. Nield has been performing chemical peels for over 20 years and was the first physician in Vaughan to use glycolic acid peels.

We offer a variety of peels that target different skin issues:

  • AHA/BHA peels improve the texture and tone of your skin and decrease pore size and exfoliate.
  • Vitamin C peels are gentle peels that will brighten and tighten your skin. It can be used on most skin types.
  • Jessner Plus peels renew the skin and reduce melasma (dark pigmentation) and sunspots.
  • Derm-Eclat Depigmentation Treatment is especially useful for Melasma.

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Chemical peeling is a technique used to improve the texture and tone of the skin. A chemical solution is applied to the skin, which causes it to separate and peel off, allowing new skin to regenerate in its place. The new skin is smoother, less wrinkled, and more even in colour.

What can AHA/BHA Chemical Peels do?
AHA/BHA peels rejuvenate environmentally damaged skin by gently lightening irregular brown pigmentation, freckles, age and sun spots, and reduce fine lines, pores and mild superficial, acne scars, leaving the skin with a smoother, more radiant look.

What happens during the procedure?
You should arrive with a clean face, without any makeup or moisturizers. we will thoroughly cleanse your skin, protect your eyes, and hair, then apply the AHA/BHA solutions to your skin. Some of these peels need to be neutralized, others do not. Some tingling may occur. After the peel, post care creams will be applied, as well as sunscreen.

How long will my skin take to heal?
Healing depends on your skin type and the length of the time the acid is left on your skin. However, in general, your skin will stay pink or red for about 5-7 days. Some dry flaking or thin crusts may form – but these should resolve in 3-10 days. Most patients are able to return to their regular activities right away.

In some cases, patients experience facial swelling – if needed, we can prescribe topical steroids. Some patients may also notice that their acne temporarily gets worse, or their skin darkens.

Is a chemical peel right for me?
Most skin types can benefit from a chemical peel – AHA/BHA chemical peels are especially useful for oily skin with dilated pores. Older or dark-skinned patients tolerate peels very well. Younger or fair-skinned patients tend to be more sensitive and may experience slight to moderate amounts of burning, crusting, swelling or redness.

You should avoid chemical peels if you are pregnant or breast feeding, are taking photosensitive medications such as Vibramycin, Tetracycline, Minocin, NSAIDS or Thiazides, taking Accutane (you should wait 6 months to begin treatment), or if you have facial eczema or rosacea. If you are prone to facial cold sores, Dr. Nield will prescribe an oral antiviral treatment.

What to do prior to peel?
Prior to a peel, Dr. Nield will do a full consultation and examination of your skin. She may shine a Wood’s lamp on your skin, which will reveal undetected photodamage. She will make a list of recommended treatments for you, including peels and skin care products. Dr. Nield recognizes that when a patient comes to see her for skin care advice, they may well be interested in an overall approach to rejuvenation. Dr. Nield is able to combine chemical peels with other non-surgical, age- defying techniques provided in our office.

Combining treatments such as chemical peel Ultrasound Skin Tightening and Lifting, cosmetic wrinkle injections, and Hyaluronic Acid fillers will achieve dramatic yet very natural results. Dr. Nield is an accomplished anti-age specialist who will be happy to help you achieve a wonderful, fresh yet natural look.

What happens during a procedure?
Ideally, you will have been using the suggested pre- treatment home care products for a few weeks prior to the peel. The Vitamin C Peel should be performed every 2 weeks for a total of 4 to 6 Peels. The home care products are considered part of the treatment to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits of the peel programme. The Vitamin C Peel will take 15 to 30 minutes. Ideally, you should arrive with a clean face, free of makeup. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed to degrease and gently exfoliate your skin.

The Vitamin C Peel will be applied and subsequently removed after an appropriate length of time. You will be given a fan to help with the sensation of heat that occurs during the peel. The skin will be washed with cool water to inactivate the peel. A post peel repair serum will be massaged onto you face and neck. Your skin will be glowing and pink. You will have very little down time. You will be able to return to normal activities the next day. Sunscreen is a must. You will gradually see an improvement over the following 8 weeks of homecare products and subsequent Vitamin C Peels. There is really no downtime for superficial peels.

You will be instructed to apply sunscreen must be worn on an ongoing basis as melasma and sunspots will reoccur if your skin is exposed to the sun.

What is a Jessner’s Plus Peel?

TCA peels are medium depth chemical peels. They are a Modified Jessner’s Peel. These powerful peeling agents work together to reduce brown spots on the face, neck and other areas that have signs of photodamage. Skin TX peels are very useful in dealing with sunspots or lentigines, brown age spots, old acne lesions known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and melasma. Melasma can occur during pregnancy or afterwards. Sunlight worsens this condition. Melasma occurs more often in women and can be very difficult to treat. Spot peels are now one of the most widely used peels in Europe as they are hydroquinone free.
This peel combines the benefits of alpha hydroxy acids (lactic acid), beta hydroxy acids (salicylic acid), TCA, resorcinol, and retinoic acid into a unique blend to target photo-damaged skin, pigmentation, dilated pores, and superficial acne. It stimulates the production of collagen and improves the penetration of skin rejuvenation products.

This peel is ideal for patients who have started and maintained a consistent skin rejuvenation program involving home product use and exfoliating treatments. It is suitable for most skin types and can also be used to maintain the benefits of other treatments such as photorejuvenation. Skin TX Peels offers improved skin texture, tone, lessening of superficial lines and a healthier, more youthful look.

What can I expect after a treatment?

Immediately after your treatment, you will notice your face feeling hot and flushed but this resolves before you leave the office. Most patients will spend the rest of the day at home, but you can return to work the next day. Your skin may feel tight, as if you have been exposed to the sun or wind. You can wear makeup, but you will need to moisturize frequently, and we suggest you avoid strenuous exercise for 2 to 3 days afterwards, since perspiration may irritate your skin.

The degree of peeling will vary according to your skin type. Some people will not experience any peeling, while others may peel for several days to a week. Your fresh, newly exposed skin will be delicate, so apply sunscreen several times a day. Avoid scrubs, AHAs, Vitamin C and retinoids while flaking or peeling.

You will notice a marked improvement in texture in tone after your first peel, but for maximum benefits, you should have 2 Jessner’s Plus peels, scheduled Once a month for 2 sessions. Home care is crucial.

We fully evaluate every patient prior to treatment. If you have a history of facial cold sores, we will prescribe antiviral medication to use before and after the peel.

Who is a candidate for the peel?
We do not recommend peels if you are pregnant or nursing. If you have facial eczema or rosacea, you are probably not a candidate for the actual peel, but you may benefit from the at home products.

What can I expect after the peel?
All patients must commit to the strict protocol following the peel, which will be outlined in your consultation. You will come in for follow-up appointments one, six and twelve weeks after the initial peel. Usually, only one peel is necessary, but some patients elect to have a second peel – it can be performed no sooner than one to three months after the first one.

This peel system is especially useful for reducing the appearance of melasma. The main action of this peel system is based on the inhibition of tyrosinase, a basis enzyme in the melanin formation process.

The peel is in the form of a mask which will be applied in the office and must be left on for 10 hours. The treatment includes a detailed, yet easy to follow home treatment protocol, which is imperative to follow, to ensure the best results possible.

Your facial skin will start to peel within 48 hours, and you must not pick the skin off, but let it exfoliate on its own. It is important to let your new skin heal naturally, by using the home care products provided. Sun protection is vital.

You will return for a follow up visit in 6 weeks. Maintenance home skin care products will be recommended to maintain your results.

Melasma can redevelop, especially if you expose your skin to the sun. It is vital to wear sunblock all the time.

SkinBetter Science Tone Smart SPF 68 has iron oxide which is one of the best ingredients to protect your face form not only UV rays, but visible light, blue light, and Infrared exposure.

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